NBC Universal Tour-The Maury Show, A meaningful experience

last Friday, My Chinese friend invited me to do a NBC Universal Tour-The Maury Show. It was my first experience to be a studio audience in New York which the program will broadcast around Thanksgiving

We departed at 8 am and took the bus with other NYIT’s students together went there, We were asked to dress our best, because we would be on TV. After around one and half of one hour. We arrived at the site and I noticed that many person stood in line at the same time, and waited for entering. After checking in, we were permitted to go into the studio auditorium. All of stuff and machines are working and prepared for 20-minute later broadcast. A man told us what our audience should do and lead us practice well. All of people feel excited and I was influenced by them deeply and involved myself into this kind of American style as quick as possible.

At 10 am, the program started on time, Maury leaded a big dog go into and fed the dog at the same time the atmosphere was cheered up by the interesting sight. Maury Show is a Talk Show which narrates the family fairs, who is involved in the family drama, fathers do not believe the children her mom took belonging to himself. Maury invited 5 pairs of couples to talk about their issues and help them solve at the same time via DNA. To my relief, all of the children were their own and contribute to a happiness ending.


At the beginning of the program, the show would display the photos about the children and the father, the mother cried and said the reason why the baby belongs to the father. While, the father stood at the background debated with the mother. They all felt depressed and angry, after that Maury took the DNA survey and read for them.

During the whole process, my heart would up and shrink, upset and excited as the family members. Fortunately, the ending is happy and warmhearted.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    I belive this is a unforgettable experience for you, looks awesome.

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Yes ,it was impressive for me and it will broadcast during Thanksgiving.:)

  2. cool. i think you would be fascinating about your invitation. it is a really unforgettable experience .

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Yes, i must appreciated my friend for inviting me and provided me with this chance.

  3. dlibrizzo says:

    This show is insane to watch. Too much drama that happens for me but glad you enjoyed the tour of the show.

    1. qzhang16 says:

      it was an interesting experience and it broadcasted during the thanksgiving

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