11/13/15 – Never stop praying for Paris


On this very special day, I was not able to write on anything else.
A year ago, the terrorist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis left France and the whole World in shock and pain. Since that day, there is not day without I think about it and it is a whole country that tries to rebuilt it self, to live again.
I will live with the memory of this night all my life. And today, more than any other day, I think of all the victims and their family, and I send them all my love and respect.

French flag, flowers and candles, in front of Le Petit Cambodge - Picture credit: Alexandre Castans
French flag, flowers and candles, in front of Le Petit Cambodge – Picture credit: Alexandre Castans

The last months and year has been particularly difficult in France, since the Charlie Hebdo attack, and the terrible attacks that followed, at the Bataclan, the Stade de France, in the streets and bars that night, and more recently in Nice during Bastille day, and in the Church of Father Jacques Hamel.
But today, one year after, I wanted to highlight the mobilization of the whole World that has been so precious for us, French. The feeling that we are all united against terrorism is really precious. All the World monuments were lightened in blue, white and red, the French flag colors, people went down on the street, people went to pray, to gives candles and flowers in symbolic places at the Place de la République in Paris. More than ever, I’d like to be in France today, with my family.

The years will pass but we will never forget, and we will fight for our values and our freedom, and we will continue to watch sport, to drink in bars, to go to concerts, to go to see fireworks, to pray. And no one can do anything against it.
Paris mon amour, I love you and I all my thought are with you today, and every day for the rest of my life. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    Hope you well darling, praying for Paris🙏🏻.

    1. rrsn says:

      Thank you Wennie !! ❤

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