My Movie Day!

I was stressed recently because of the midterm. Therefore, I decided to go to the cinema to watch movies that are released lately. “Movies” just means that I watched two movies one day in the same cinema. Actually, I have to say that it is a little tired, while the movies are facinating.


The first movie I saw on weekand is the famous one since it released “Doctor Strange“.

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To be honest, I am a little confused about this film because of my foreigner status. I have some difficulties in understanding the dialogues between characters without the subtitle, which caused that I could not get the laughing points when others around me burst into laugh. That is the most embarrassed moment in spite of the dark environment.It is a marvel movie that includes magic, time and space conversion and visual special effect. The complex plot and visual impact attract audiences’ attention every second. If you are ineteresed in this kind of genre, it is a good choice for you lesuire time.

Besides, the second movie is “Trolls“, which is easier to understand because of the cartoon genre. Most of the viewers are children who are passionate with the movie. The cartoon characters” Trolls ” have the colorful hair and beautiful songs that make them happy everyday, while their enemies “Burden”  cannot become happy unless eating the trolls. Then the story begins. During the watching time, children around me always burst in laugh along with the plot development. Meanwhile, I thought that I came back to the childhood without any  troubles. In the kids’ eyes, the world is always the bright side. Although the whole story is simple and regular, many details are impressed and imaginative. I highly recommented to watch this animation to experience the child world, imaginative, relaxed, happy and simple.

You can click here to watch the clipes of “Trolls”.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. dlibrizzo says:

    I think going to the movies is great therapy to distract your mind from school work!
    Catching up on all my shows I DVR’d for the week works for me 🙂

    1. gwang12 says:

      Yes, I am relaxed when I watched movies. Hope you also have a happy moment on your shows!

  2. moni0626 says:

    I agree with you and DLIBRIZZO watching movies is great to relax and distract your mind. I usually don’t watch any tv/movies during the week. However, over the weekend I always try to go to the movies or at least watch one at home. I really want to watch Trolls…I love kids movies and this one looks adorable!

    1. gwang12 says:

      Trolls is a really great animation that invites you to experience happy and simple world. And the characters in it are all cute. It is worth of watching!

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