Mission Pawsible: Have you ever adopted a dog?

At my job on Good Morning America  launched a sweeps series called Mission PAWsible: The GMA Doggie Adopt-a-thon taking place at various shelters coast to coast, from October 27th through November 22nd. For the launch we had 15 adoptable dogs in the studio. We had a doggie Halloween party with 5 dogs in costumes brought in by anchors and the rest dressed up in a pen. Our mission for the month is to get as many pups adopted as possible. There are over 50 participating shelters. We have been keeping a weekly tally of the adoptions at our participating shelters. The total count will be revealed at a finale event on November 22nd.

We even had celebrity hosts Jack and Jill, from the former Broadway play Finding Neverland to join the party! With the help of our friends at North Shore Animal League America and our theme of Halloween, we had Buffy the Vampire the Slayer and the fearsome Fang presented with Michael Strahan. They were a 8-week-old Labrador mix  and 10-week-old Chihuahua mix.

Credit: ABC News Broadcast






Then we had Amy Roach with Luna, an 8-week-old Hound mix who was dressed up in a hotdog outfit.

Credit: ABC News Broadcast






George Stephanopoulos was with the pooch, Casper who was another 10 week old hound mix and dressed up as a “RUFF-eree”.

Credit: ABC News Broadcast






And Ginger Zee had Shadow who was rocking a firefighter outfit and siblings with Fang.

Credit: ABC News Broadcast




We wanted to start this amazing adopt-a-thon because according to the ASPCA approximately 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters nationwide every year and each year, approximately 1.2 million dogs are euthanized. Good News though, approximately 1.4 million dogs are adopted each year and we wanted to be a part of that adoption rate across America. So far, with all the 50 shelters we have partnered with across the  country  right now we are up to 1,776 dogs adopted! I encourage all of you to go out and adopt too to be part of the great cause using our hashtag #GMApawdoption

Credit: Danielle Librizzo

7 Comments Add yours

  1. gwang12 says:

    The dogs are so cute. You are a nice person to take care of these pets. I thing it is a meaningful experience.

  2. Wennie says:

    They look adorable!!Good to see this, i’m sure if i wanna have dog, i’ll adopt one as well, no matter who they are, what were they suffered, we have to save these babies.❤️

  3. moni0626 says:

    This is an amazing cause! It is adorable to see how more people get involved to help animals. These doggies are lovely. Congratulations on being part of this amazing cause.

  4. onesdaily says:

    I am a dog-lover,i have three dogs. Decide to adopt a dog should be a important decision that the adopter cannot drop out. Significant activity!

  5. kerrzbo says:

    Yesss Danielle!!!! This post makes me so happy! For any of you reading this, I actually work for the North Shore Animal League as a social media marketing/communications intern. My people and Danielle’s people have been working together on this Doggie Adopt a Thon 😉

    For those of you looking to adopt a dog, come visit our campus located in Port Washington, NY! Danielle- I’ll see you at the gala 😉

  6. xmei01 says:

    This is a great cause. I hope that these dogs can get relief. We hope that these dogs can be adopted. They can find new owners

  7. qzhang16 says:

    I was attracted by your title, you are a kind and generous people.The dog must be adopted by the kind person like you finally.

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