Sneakercon NYC 2016

FINALLY after a year and a half Sneaker Con has returned to the “Mecca” New York City! You want to know what the most anticipated event of a sneakerhead is? Well this past Saturday the wait was over and I was able to attend the greatest sneaker show on earth at the Jacob Javits Center. Sneaker Con is a convention based around sneakers, you have all sorts of vendors selling sneakers, clothing, and accessories all over the place. You can even bring your own sneakers to buy, sell, or trade in order to make money or acquire the sneaker that you’ve been hoping to add to your collection.

Photo Credit: J Williams

This years event was a little bit more special due to the fact my YouTube channel is based around sneakers.I got the opportunity to meet a lot of big named you tubers such as Foamer Simpson, Sneakerhead in the Bay, Mike Compass and so on! My biggest surprise of the night was when Qiasomar from Qrewkicks said he recognized me from a collection video that I sent to his channel to be posted. The video actually has 68k views to date! I didn’t buy any sneakers but I did get some qrew merch.

Photo Credit: J. Williams

I remember when Sneaker Con was held in the gym at Baruch college, it’s crazy how this culture has spread like wildfire because there is no way in hell Baruch can hold all of us sneakerheads in that small space! The best part of the day to me was meeting the different sneakerheads who actually subscribe to my channel. I made sure I took my own pictures with them as well and thanked them for their support. I may not be as known as Qrewkicks yet but please believe everybody’s gonna know about this WAVE! Want to know what sneakercon looks like? Check out my Sneakercon NYC 2017 video link or click on the video below. Like always I’ll See Ya When I See Ya….OOooww!!!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    Your are a reallll sneaker fan, good to see you meet some new friends in the event, seems interesting, and you really involved in the “sneaker communication”, really good for you.

    1. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

      Yea I’ve been in love with sneakers since I was 8 years old! 🌊🌊🌊

      1. Wennie says:

        omg, but its very cool you have sth you really love and pursue it in your whole life

  2. xmei01 says:

    You are obsesse with the sneakers. Well, I know you’re fashionable!!

    1. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

      Yes! I would call it an obsession! I really love sneakers!!! 🌊💯💯🌊

  3. Shushu says:

    Your sneakers are so cool. And the event looks awesome either.

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