A Thought-provoking Museum

Look at the cover picture, a woman  play the abstract music intermittently. And she was enveloped in a golden cylinder. who do you think she was playing for? A show?


Actually, she is a part of one exhibition in the The Hirschhorn Museum,which is definitely different from most museum need to keep quiet.

Today, i want to recommend you this museum, not a restaurant today,Lol,because I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the museum.I appreciated the works and the layout of the building. The building itself is cool and shaped like a donut.

The Hirschhorn Museum which is located in 700 Independence Ave SW,Washington,DC 20560

I love the classic art,so i spent a lot of time in classic museum, but i should say, this was one of the best museum of ‘contemporary art’.Like “798” in Beijing to some extent,some Chinese classmates may know that.

Look at the series of paintings, they all paints very simple, painted like a child’s work.But it gives me lots of thinking,to think about the emotion about the painter and the guy in the paint; to think about the environment and the story and so on.

Exhibtions change over time, lots of art works are thought provoking! More important, it is totally free.So i guess it is a must-go place for you guys who love modern arts.


Thank you for your reading, guess you have finished your midterm paper,haha!See you Wed. night.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. fancy1201 says:

    I have been other many museum, but never know this one. lolllllll…….thank you for you introduce. Next time, I will visit.

    1. onesdaily says:

      Yes, there are many museums in DC, but this one is totally different from others,if you love pioneer art,must-go! you will have a good time in there.

  2. Wennie says:

    I would definitely go there!!looks so fun!!

    1. onesdaily says:

      I guess you should be like there,there are many elements can trigger the inspiration of shoot.Highly recommended!

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