Grab what you have!

This is the second month in New York. With everything going by so fast, sometime I always think what I do everyday, what I got and what should I do next.

I think this is very difficult to calculate, until I saw a short poem, I find something is wrong, because we did not know what will happened in future. Maybe we just need to know what we have now and what we should do in present.

Here is the poem and I hope you will like it.

What it is about: Winner of micro love letter contests of <A Confucian Confusion> in Chinese University of Hong Kong, ” You stayed my side ” tells us that the author write to his deceased mother. He hope that everything is an illusion, he was always a little boy live with his mother.


The spray of the waterfall is moving stream;

The seeds of the dandelion drifting back become pattern of umbrella;

The sun rises in the west,then it sets in the east.


The bullet propel back to gun barrel;

The athlete goes back to the starting line;

I send back my offer and forget the ten years of sweat and swot.


Vegetables joss-stick from kitchen;

You signed your name on my paper;

You turned off the TV and help me backed the bag.


You stayed my side forever.



Featured image was created by Moyan Breen.

The picture was created by thecmn.


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