What impress you most? What keep you peaceful? What provide you with a warm world?

I have been New York around two months, there are various kind of things appear around us every day, which are full of our life. Some of them taught me how to overcome the difficulties, some of them taught me how to be more brave and independent, some of them gave me a warm moment which touched me deeply.

Subway station is a noisy place which there are so many people pass by every day, of course, it is the place I met moving things the most

A Sunday morning, I went shopping with my friends and went back on the F line, the station after we stepped up, a couple who were around 60 years old came in, there just was an empty seat opposite me and the lady sat here, the man stood near to her. The wore clean and decent dress which led me a comfortable impression at the first sight of, the lady looked though the cellphone and sometimes talked to as well as shared news with her husband with smile and the man often stared at the woman and looked at her face. During the process, I watched them peaceful and admire their harmonious way to get along well. Love is sharing, love is communicating.


One day evening, after class, I took the subway went my dormitory, I saw a man with little baba which fewer encounter in China, at that moment I felt how the lucky baba is because of possessing this kind of patient dad


One day noon, I went hiking and passed by the subway hall with my foreigners, suddenly a charming music appealed to us, a young man was playing the e-piano, he focused on the solo and fall in love with the songs, he just enjoy playing his own music and did not like other beggars who only pay attention to obtain the money.


In life, there are so many things will affect us which provide us with different visions, be a warm person, be positive, be yourself! The true world is what you look forward to.



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