Walking on the road

I like traveling. I want to see every place in all over the world. I think that’s must be a wonderful experience for my life. So, I started again. At this time, the destination is Washington.

As we all know, Washington is the capital of the United State. But I don’t know what the city looks like. The people who has been arrived at and saw there can know what Washington looks like. I think it’s a little bit like life, you don’t believe what you hear and what you look, you can just explore by yourself.

The time of departure was at 6:00am, but it was a raining day. The most important thing is safety, so I had to drive my car carefully.New York is in late autumn, so the morning comes form later than before。Although we set out early, but it is also traffic jam in New York.

I don’t complain, but there are so many highway toll-gate.After two hours we arrived at autobahn rest stop to rest and eating something.The No.93 unlesded gas is the most quality oil products in U.S. By the way, it’s really inexpensive.

It’s about 6 hours, we were arrived at Washington, and the day was sunshine,LOL.

After two days of visiting, Washington is a beautiful city. You can feel peaceful when you walking around the road. There are very few people in there, I don’t know what you think about, in my opinion, maybe you fail to find someone to help, if you have any emergency. Anyway, I still like the city. Ok, that’s it.




















2 Comments Add yours

  1. onesdaily says:

    Haha the cover picture is funny,like the blue sky,green grass.Fall is a wonderful season for travel!

  2. Steven says:

    Wow, I would love to see Washington and other cities from the U.S. Maybe during Thanksgiving? Who knows right? Hope you had a good time back there.

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