Do You Want to Experience An Art Travel?

Every person who come to New York must have been to the famous place “The Metropolitan Musume of Art“. It is my fisrt time to visit there since I came to New York for 2 month already, where provides me with a mytery travel.

When I walked around the musume, it feels like a time-travel that take me go sightseeing around the world. Egypt, Rome, Medieval Europe and also China, which are the symbol of different cultures from different period and places.


Mummy is the symbol of renascence and Sakhmet represents the power, which help me imagine the ancient civilization in Egypt. I have never been to that mysterious place, but I feel like seeing their history.


Rome is a historical city that is famous for its architecture, sculpture and art. These artworks are all belong to the antient Rome.I have no idea how to describe what I’ve seen, they are amazing. And I have to admit that ancient people are very very talented.

The most impressive part in the musume for me is the Chinese graden. The musume invited Chinese people to design a small garden that imtate the Suzhou traditional garden in China. It is my first time to see a garden in a musume, which bring me back to China at that moment.


This kind of experience is excited and fresh for me. I witnessed the diversified cultural and the human intelligence that touched me. Have you ever experieced such an art travel?




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  1. catherineqiu0408 says:

    I’m still keeping my curious about the Metropolitan museum of art and waiting for a right time to visit it! It is indeed a heaven of culture.

    1. gwang12 says:

      Exactly!The place is amazing. Next time maybe you will have a different experience.

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