An Unforgettable Week With My Amazing Visitor

This week is an extremely busy week, because one of my amazing friends just came to New York for travel! We spent an wonderful week to lived together and hang out the city. Different from usual, today i’m going to put her photos instead mine, because she is a gorgeous woman and a model in China who can show you very professional visitor photos and poses. We played photography in every place we’ve been and had a lots of fun.


Photography by Wennie in Roosevelt Island

We went to many places and the most impressive place I would recommend is Museum of Modern Art(MoMA) , normally it’s 25$ for adult and 14$ with student ID, but so lucky we got two free tickets for an event! This is a very artistic and interesting museum has different modern creative art works, paintings and one thing would surprised you is people could see the most stunning and famous 《The Starry Night》 Painting work by Vincent van Gogh in it.

                                                              Photography by Wennie in MoMA

My favorite works would be the Campbell’s Soup Cans by Andy Warhol and two Pop art works by Roy Lichtenstein, love Pop art so much!

Photography by Wennie in MoMA

We took photos with The epitome of New York City – “L O V E” sculpture. On 1359 Avenue of the Americas, New York City.

We also been to my favorite place Brooklyn to see the different graffiti as I see before and introduced to my friend feel the art community in there.

  Photography by Wennie in Brooklyn & Manhattan

Time square is one of the best NYC places for visitors, we stood in front of these fancy screens and enjoy this busy city night.

Photography by Wennie in Time Square

Least but not last, two restaurant&bar we’ve been I’d like to commend to you guys this week. The first one is Pocha 32 in K town which is the most popular place for Korean watermelon Soju! A lovely small place with wonderful Korean traditional soju and dishes.

Photography by Wennie in Pocha 32

The second bar I’d like to recommend is the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar, you can enjoy your night with couple of alcohols in a rooftop bar while appreciate the night scene. You’ll be given a beautiful red bathrobe.


Photography by Wennie in 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

This is an unforgettable week with both of us, love to see my amazing visitor in New York city!




10 Comments Add yours

  1. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    The pictures are DOPE! I love how professional they look! Does soju have alcohol in it? If so I want some!

    1. Wennie says:

      Definitely bro, I think this is the one wrote for u lmao!You can check my link, Soju is the most popular traditional alcohol in Korean, watermelon one is not that strong but taste special,go and try something new!

  2. fancy1201 says:

    omg….. so perfect photos you took! and what a wonderful week for you! All picture as artisic breath! I want some,lollllllll

    1. Wennie says:

      Thank ypu so much baby😚😚😚

  3. moni0626 says:

    I love the MoMa as well! very nice blog post…it lucks fun and colorful. I’m sure you and your friend had an adorable weekend together!

    1. Wennie says:

      Thank you darling!!Moma definitely one of my favorite museums in New york city.

  4. breeze_lipigarn says:

    You both are so cute!

    1. Wennie says:

      lol, love u😚❤️

  5. xmei01 says:

    I like the pictures you take. Your picture is always very attractive.

    1. Wennie says:

      Thank you for your appreciate darling.

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