Enjoy a free boat ride on South Manhattan!


As a recent “New-Yorker”, the tourist part of me is still really present inside…
So let’s say that as a tourist New-Yorker, visited the Statue of Liberty is non-negotiable, I just have to! The thing is that when I checked the price on Internet of the several visits options, I get kind of scared…
Anyway, the good news is that, thanks to a friend advice, I enjoyed an amazing free ride boat, offering a great view of the Statue of Liberty AND of the Manhattan Skyline, just by taking the Staten Island Ferry, for FREE!

View from the Staten Island Ferry - Credit picture: me
View from the Staten Island Ferry. Credit picture: me

The subway station is South Ferry-Whitehall Street (1), and the ride is about 15-20 minutes. I noticed that most of the passengers were doing it only for the view, as they get back into a return ferry to Manhattan directly. And I have to admit that I did to, as there is a ferry leaving every 15 minutes…
I get back to Manhattan around 8pm, so I enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the Statue of Liberty.

Sunset of the Statue of Liberty. Credit picture: me
Sunset of the Statue of Liberty. Credit picture: me

I really advice you to do it if you want to enjoy a free boat ride with a great view, and it is always pleasant to take a sailing trip when it’s sunny, a real sunday pleasure!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    Thx for sharing this information!! I haven’t been there before, absolutely will take the free boat when I visit, greatttt share!!

  2. moni0626 says:

    I love boat rides around Manhattan! I have taken that ferry many times and I never get tired of it…the skyline is amazing! Thank you for sharing and I’m glad you had such a wonderful time.

  3. nice picture, the information that you provide is really useful. I want a free boat want ride, it’s must be fun, right?

  4. Steven says:

    I wish I was going there once but with all of those assignments, classes time and internship, it’s impossible to make it happen. Hope you enjoyed it. See you 😉

  5. rrsn says:

    Thank you guys for all of your great comments! 🙂

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