Cyber games’ getting some action!

I went to watch the semi final of League of Legends Season 6 world championship and I have to tell the truth that I never ever felt so good before!

Years ago, only bad kids play games on computer all day, but now, those “bad kids” are sitting in the middle of Madison Square Garden under the spotlights, giving out a splendid series. Eyes of all people were locked on those guys through their cell phones, TVs and laptops, and I was there watching the live show.

There are interviewers, cameramen, swing arms, commentators, hosts and of course, thousands of audience. All these elements combined together, making it just like a common sport game or a concert just as we were having Knicks vs. Bulls or  Sia’s having her solo concert.

I never expected the game can be understood by my parents and their generations just like I will never understand the people born after 2000. But I’m still happy because what we’ve loved for so long now is really something. You know it’s Madison Square Garden, where only for big stars. I’ve never dreamed such a huge party where people screams and shouts for a game, and everything happened that night is still like a dream swinging in my mind. I do appreciate my friend who made this decision with me to watch the game and I hope any game lover should join in this next year!


(me and a popular LOL streamer in China, who was invited to be the commentator)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mengyangmoomoo says:

    It seems great. Even i don’t play LOL, i heard that the match was awesome!

    1. Qian Chen says:

      Yeah it was great, thanks for reading.

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