Color in advertising performance

According to Paula Kaminska, “Color is powerful because it can change our mood – the mood of potential customers. If a website improves our state of mind, our relationship with a brand will deepen and the probability of a return will increase. Advertisers and designers are well aware of that.” (Paula Kaminska, October 14, 2014) Color has a role in the rapid resort feeling in advertising performance. It is closely related to the physiological and psychological reactions of the public and public ad first impression is obtained through colors. Beautiful, elegant, gray and other colors feel and affect the public’s attention to the ad content. Bright, crisp, harmonious color combination will produce better public appeal; however, Old, broken colors will lead the public to “This is an old advertising” and not attract attention. So color in print advertising has a special appeal force. Must carefully study and analyze the various factors of color, because the life experience, culture, customs, etc. differ, People have subjectivity, a symbol of color, emotional manifestations of common experience. In the color scheme and color tone set design, designers to grasp the warm and cold colors, brightness, purity, an area of contrast, size, brightness, hue reconcile, etc., tone color group to maintain a balanced picture, echoing and color clarity, color and graphic advertising screen properly handle the relationship between colored.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    I absolutely a crazy fan of colors!

  2. onesdaily says:

    I’m draw by the cover image,so pretty.

  3. moni0626 says:

    Very interesting! It also relates to what the professor was talking about last class related with pictures. For me the understanding of color is very important since I was in university!

  4. yep,Color is powerful and they can change our mood, it’s interesting post.

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