The advantages of studying abroad and influence

Too many students studying abroad is a quite challenge.  In other words, it is difficult for students to study abroad.  Because they have to face a lot of problems, such as experiencedwf foreign culture, learned how to communicate with foreigners and how to rent a house and so on.  Learning is important thing when students study abroad.  On the other hand, the experience of studying abroad can letted students become more independent and get the more career opportunities.  However, studying abroad may lead to thei family bear higher costs and students become a weak feeling towards the family.  But even then, most families also focus on letting their children to study abroad in order to improve students personal ability.  Need a little more background information

First, students studying abroad can experience a foreign culture.  “By studying abroad, students have to experience a brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, customs,  and activities.” (International student)  At the same time, students come to a new language environment which is a completely different experience. Then students have to learn how to communicate through cultures.  For instance, Due to differences in culture and language, students can not to express what they want to say very well.  It is difficult for foreigners to understand what they are saying, and easy to misunderstand.  For different people, because of cultural differences, the same word may express the different meaning.  For culture, when students come to a new country, they have to first understand the etiquette of this country.  When students get along with foreigners, they need to avoid impolite behavior.  These are reasons why students should learn how to communicate through cultures, and due to the change of environment and communication with foreigners, the students have to improve their second language skills.

On the other hand, the experience of studying abroad may provide a chance for students become more independent and get the more career opportunities.  Studying abroad is a challenge for students to be apart from their parents and learn how to run their own life.  When students go abroad, they must have enough ability to deal with various problems encountered in life.  For example, when students get to a new city, the biggest problem is renting a house.  Where can they find a house, and how to do they open the network and electric after they rent the house.  According to Devin Keskinkaya in “9 Reasons to Study Abroad” showed that if the student wants to gain confidence, independence, and other life skills, it is necessary to use the time abroad and meet new challenges.  Form another aspect, students have to learn how to manage finances by themselves and control their own behavior.  If students do not go to school and they are late for school or do not do their homework, they will face the situation of failed or received the bulk of school suspensions.  Furthermore, Study abroad is typically seen as a primary vehicle for building students’ global competence.  International experience, bilingual skills, and the ability to communicate through the different cultural can be an employment advantage.  “In terms of personal development, an international move can prove an excellent step in an individual’s career.” (Shrivastava)

In addition, students studying abroad going to lead their family to assume higher costs, and the students will have a weak feeling towards a family.  However, the tuition fees of studying abroad for each family are a huge expense.  The family burden is relatively larger.  Nevertheless, in addition to tuition fees, the high cost of living may be another expense.  On the other side, due to the students leave home for a long time, many reasons will lead  to have a lack of communication with their parents.  Because of distance and time, the students and the parents can not often make calls or chat together.  When students have problems, they can not communicate with parents in time.

To sum up, These problems will benefit students’ on the road to growth, so many students choose to studying abroad.  Moreover, students who study abroad can not only improve their ability of the second language, but also can cultivate their independence.  However studying abroad also bring their family financial pressure. In spite of this, having more pressure, many families also choose to let children study abroad.

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  1. dlibrizzo says:

    I wish I could have studied aboard. I was too nervous to venture off on my own without a friend but I now regret it.

  2. rrsn says:

    As I am experienced it this year, I think that it will change my entire life and it will definitely be the best experience I ever had!

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