Superheroes and Villains Kids Party – Special Edition


Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week now that the weather got a little warmer. Today I wanted to share with you a Super Hero Party I was part of the past weekend. This post is a “Special Kids Edition” to give out some ideas of costumes and parties for kids during October.

So let’s get started!


The little birthday girl’s name is Mia. She is an adorable and happy three years old girl. She loves spending time with her friends and family. In the invitation card for this birthday party was specified to “Wear your favorite superhero or villain gear” which many adults and kids did!

It was an outdoor location, ideal for kids to run around and have a blast!



It was very cute to see all the little kids to wear these costumes. They enjoyed from different activities such as a trampoline, a bounce castle, and a little space to decorate their own pumpkins. This last one I though it was adorable to see all the little superheroes and villains together decorating their own pumpkins.



Unfortunately I didn’t wear a full superhero gear. I played my roll as “The Wonder Woman Under Cover” with my little tiara.


If you are a mom or dad and would like to look into these costumes, I have some suggestions for your. Click in the following links to see the costumes in deatil:

  1. Super girl costume  / Super Boy Costume
  2. Bat girl costume / Bat Boy Costume
  3. Spider Girl Costume / Spider Boy Costume
  4. Cat Girl Costume / Robin Costume
  5. Wonder Girl Costume
  6. Boy’s Iron Man Costume
  7. Boy Flash Costume
  8. Joker Girl Costume


There you have it! A little part of what it is a superhero and villain party. It was a little short post but I hope you found it useful if you are looking for costumes ideas in this theme. Stay tuned for next week post which will be about my Halloween Prep!

Do you know what are you wearing for Halloween? I would like to hear some ideas from you.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Chao Chao

Monica V.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love superhero parties! Check out the ideas my son wrote about after his superhero birthday party:

    1. moni0626 says:

      Hi! Thanks for sharing your son’s birthday post. I read it and it is adorable how he puts all his thoughts together. It also seemed that he had wonderful time with his family and friends during his superhero party. Thanks again!

  2. qzhang16 says:

    It was a colorful activity! I really enjoy the atmosphere which could stay with children.

  3. moni0626 says:

    Since I have moved to New York, I have been surrounded by children. I love them! As you said, the atmosphere around them is very nice. They are very fun and their imagination don’t have any limits! 🙂

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