Mom killed it!

Last week, I saw a news on Internet.

It was happened in an aquarium the aquarium’s website said, a new life was born, they welcome a dolphin baby. But after 4 days, they announc a new. The dolphin baby was died. In addition, people found there are some scar on the baby’s body. The scar was a behavior between whales. Why the mum killed its baby? Why the mum hurt the baby?It is only 4 days old!

The researchers said,there are 2 reasons. First, if it know it will forced separated from them family members or living environment. Second is the mum was not willing her baby living in aquarium to show themselves to people.

It sounds so sad, but it is a true story.


If you have free time, I am strongly recommended a Documentary named < The Cove>. Starting in 1960, Mr Barry is a world famous dolphin trainer, in his fame, aquarium and dolphin show blossom everywhere all over the world, but he chose to destroy the entertainment industry which establish by himself for 35 years, because he think he let more people like dolphins, but also created a huge damage for dolphin.


Dolphin is a small cause of animal cruelty .If animal rule over the world. What they will do for us after they know we catch them and locked them in the zoon. Or we use their tooth,fur and bone to make clothe, tool or artwork.


How do you think about zoo?

How do you think about the life of animals live in zoo?

They are happy?

Because they don’t worry about how to make money,how to find foods.

But they leave from their parents and children.

They lost freedom!


PS:The documentary image was created by elycefeliz.

     The images of news issued on  new.IFENG.COM.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kerrzbo says:

    This is sad, poor dolphin. I don’t really think that zoos benefit animals. Even though they have food, they miss their family.

  2. Wennie says:

    I love dolphins, they are just so smart and lovely, I’d love to see them in the sea world rather than in the zoo.

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