“Sid Meier’s civilization”, player indulged themselves in the virtual world

It is an amazing year for game players since Sony decided to publish their virtual reality equipment on October 14. However i was total attracted by a game publisher, 2K Games.

“Sid Meier’s civilization” is a famous game series made by Firaxis. The new game Sid Meier’s civilization VI will be release this Friday on Steam. The news is so exciting for players who deeply loved this series of game. Of course, i am one of them.

I’m so enchanted by this game series that i have fallen in love with Sid Meier’s civilization IV in 2005. The game is about players can control one of the country form the list, such as China, American, Rome, or ancient Greece etc, and they have to win the game by achieve final technical research, using troops conquer others and so on. A significant culture also can take your country on top. It is like the real world, but player is the god in the game. There is no right or wrong even i decide to attack a friendly city for no reason, or citizens betray their homeland because of my powerful culture.

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV

Sid Meier’s Civilization V

One more turn, the sun has already risen. Civilization’s fans tell themselves with self-deprecating humor,but they can’t stop.The game is like opium easily addictive. I already spent more than 500 hours on it. The amount of time will keep increasing, because the new game is coming!!! I can’t wait to play it!!

At the end, i sincere advise people who never heard this game do not try it. Don’t play it! Don’t play it! Sid Meier’s Civilization will ruin your sparetime life! I know that I have changed by the game!


(picture from :https://twitter.com/2k  https://twitter.com/CivGame  https://www.2k.com/  http://steamcommunity.com/groups/liuzhiyang1990)



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