Having trouble getting yourself to the gym?

Do you try to go to the gym but just never seem to make it there? That’s me! I start off my week with a workout schedule of what days I can get there with my job and class. I then find myself struggling to keep my eyes open as I drag through the doorway of my house, my stomach rumbling with hunger and my dog jumping all over me for attention. I have no desire to collect any energy I might have to get to the gym.

Photo Credit: Danielle LibrizzoThe protein shake I made 3 days ago is still sitting in my fridge and those $5 energy bars are gaining mold as the months pass by not even touched because they taste like cardboard.

I got a nutribullet last Christmas. It was the only thing on my list I asked for. Purchasing chia seeds, hemp oil, protein powder, flax seed, and almond butter I thought this would persuade me for sure! I will say it lasted a little over a month and then that hype faded quickly.

Photo Credit: Danielle LibrizzoPhoto Credit: Danielle Librizzo

It’s important to set goals that you want and know you can achieve. It’s exhausting to control yourself to not want that HUGE bowl of pasta with mom’s homemade sauce and meatballs. On the weekends I will now go to the gym, but do not plan it in my routine anymore. I want it to be more enjoyable instead of a chore to go.

Gym memberships can be costly depending on where you go. I currently am a member of LA Fitness. Is anyone signed up to a really fancy gym like Equinox?


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  1. gwang12 says:

    Actually, I just go to gym for few days before the term begins. But now, I just want to sleep when I done the homework!

  2. Steven says:

    I go 6 times a week at my gym. It feels so good to workout because it should be a great moment for everyone. I’ve heard a lot of excuses but it’s just a beautiful moment. Hope you enjoy your workout session 😉

  3. ZQ19901120 says:

    It is a wonderful thing when people persist in doing one thing, enjoy your gym time! Fighting!

  4. qzhang16 says:

    It is a good habit and wonderful thing if people persist in one thing! Fighting,haha

  5. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    I know what you mean, the gym is a struggle but I make it at least 4 out of 5 times a week. Right now I have been doing the stair master for 35 minutes a day, I want to get to 180 lbs. and then start messing with the weights again. I kind of want a personal trainer BUT I spend my money on sneakers and definitely not vitamin supplements….LOL!

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