French love stories are lazy movies for the lazy

In the very beginning, I’d like to clarify that the “lazy” in title is not a derogatory term.

I hate eploring the city  since I’ve done that a lot before, even though NYC is big and abundant in funny events. So recently my time’s mainly wasted on movies.

I’ve watched several Sophie Marceau’s movies because her photos of young times are popular for really a long time like years on Chinese social networks. She is gorgeous in movies and those movies are almost driven by the psychological changes of hers, which is not same as American movies.

Here’s the difference I noticed after wasting so much time on movies, American movies are always logical while French movies are not very much. For instance if one died in the end of the American movie due to gastric cancer, who is not more than a supporting role, there must be some hints beforehand. If the same guy died in the end of a French movie, the director probably only set this role to make the leading actress sad, which will lead her back to the leading actor she left two days ago.

Americans prefer to make a movie more completed, more like movie. Frenches’s are more like real lives with so many unpredictable things happening. Also French movies focus on the characters’ spiritual aspect, which may cause some illogical. That’s why I call French love stories “lazy movies”, not like watching American ones, I don’t have to watch it that carefully.

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  1. dlibrizzo says:

    I have never watched a French movie, but many Indie films. I would be interested in checking it out but with subtitles of course!! 🙂

    1. Qian Chen says:

      I do hate the dancing and singing in Indie movies, no offence, but they can always pump me with positive characters, which might be great when I am blue. I love the Indie’s despite the dancing part lol.

  2. onesdaily says:

    I like her .i guess for lots of Chinese audience, she is a kind of representative of French movie to some extent.

    1. Qian Chen says:

      Yeah you’re right, Sophie is the symbol of French for most Chinese even if they haven’t watched any movie starred by her.
      I like her a lot but my favorite are a little less famous, Julie Delpy and Irene Jacob.

  3. rrsn says:

    Your article is really interesting and so is your analysis, for me as a french! What french movies did you like?

    1. Qian Chen says:

      I would name “The Double Life of Veronique” as a recommendation because this film is truly obsessing.
      There are also plenty of great American movies filmed in French, which can be a mix of both styles. I’d recommend “Before Sunset”, “One Day” and of course a bunch of Woody Allen’s.
      I mean when the plot is not the vital element in those movies and love becomes the key to everything, you could just relax and get engaged with a feeling created by the movies. I’m not a love story fan but who would say no when they are tired, also looking for some movies?

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