Belonged to NYC Subway

Have you ever noticed the stop board in New York City Subway Station? When I came to NYC for a month, I finally recognized these diversified boards, which seem like our abundant life experiences.

Actually, different stations have their own desigh of the station boards that differ from colors of brick wall, but in the same rectangle type. I believe that every station board may have its own story that contains every common residens’daily life, including people who lives there, goes through there for transfer or stays for a while just for sightseeing.

How many times do you pass the same station one day? Have you count the number? For me, most of the time I need to to come and go between the Colubus Circle station and Roosevelt Island, which represent my routine life becuase of my student identity. One is the place that my apartment is, and another is my school.


However, without the school hour, I utilize the spare time to know NYC,understand the attractive culture and enjoy the new life.



The place is the China town in Manhattan, where I used to taste Chinese food and buy some necessities that are much more cheaper than the city center.


I found a Korean BBQ restaraunt in 28th street on this weekend.

There are many other station boards that occur in my life, which record the every stop in my life. Maybe you do not notice these boards in subway station, but they just exit for a long time to record eveyone’s trace. Where you met a friend, where you traveled, where you tasted a good food or where you help others, everything is been wrote down in the every story of the station boards. It is like our life expierence. They are like the old narritors who are knowledgeable because countless people come and go. They just stand in the certain place to witness the moment of life.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. dlibrizzo says:

    I think some subways have great decor and paintings that make it more inviting. The one by Radio City Music Hall even has shops and eateries in the subway – check it out!

  2. Shushu says:

    I love your pictures. Every station has its own story.

    1. gwang12 says:

      Exactly. Every station may record the its own history.

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