Find your freedom in Williamsburg

This week I decided to go to Brooklyn again to continued my exploration, but this time I went to the Williamsburg neighborhood where has a strong art community and vibrant nightlife.

          Williamsburg Graffiti by Wennie

The reason I strongly recommend you to visit Williamsburg because here is a extremely comfortable and a nice place for your to spend free time in NYC. You can find the art community in everywhere, there are lots of graffiti in almost every street, and unique  bars everywhere! Even in the afternoon, we saw people got together and chilled out in different stylish bars. Looks Awesome!

Williamsburg by Wennie

In the noon I had my lunch in Juniper which is a small traditional American restaurant but serves delicious burgers and spicy cajun fries!


 Juniper Beef Gouda Burger by Wennie

Our destination is the Brooklyn Smorgasburg Flea Market, and the thing surprised me is it’s just in the East River State Park! The park gives you great landscape and beautiful view of the opposite buildings that you could enjoy your food & beers while see the river scenery.

East River State Park by Wennie

The Smorgasburg Flea Market is open on every Saturday. You can eat different countries traditional food, beers in here and also enjoy the good environment for chill. Not a very special market but I’m sure you will have fun with your friends on weekend. Notice Cash Only!

Smorgasburg Flea Market by Wennie

We happened to found the Artists and Fleas Market on our way back to Manhattan, this is also a gorgeous market for shopping, you can buy  different artists, designers or vintage works from individual collectors, this is definitely a nice place if you are a fan about hand-making and vintage.

 Artists and Fleas Market by Wennie                

In the night time, we finished our amazing day in the Take31 which is one of the best Korean restaurants I recommend in Koreantown. If you love Korean food, go and try the braised pork belly / injulmi pork wrap / cod roe egg roll/ Spam&rice balls/ and Fried chicken!

                                                                            Take31 by Wennie


Thanks for reading.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. yaru liu says:

    Your photos are always so amazing,thanks for sharing, the information are useful!

    1. Wennie says:

      thank you so much darling, hope you have chance to try the food.

  2. onesdaily says:

    Your photos are always so amazing! Thanks for sharing, the information are useful!

  3. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    Your loving Brooklyn I see! My first girlfriend was from Brooklyn! I love graffiti as well, there is a lot in the Bronx. I want to start hitting up thrift shops in the city as well! (side note) Good Post!

    1. Wennie says:

      Oh, I think Brooklyn is a awesome place to take photos you know it!I love graffiti!!

  4. wow,there’re so many graffito, and i like them very much, i’d say that it’s a nice trip.

  5. Wennie says:

    Thank you so much guys, feel appreciate to see u love my photos. XOXO

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