Exciting? Impressive? The first volunteer experience in New York-OHNY Weekend volunteer

What do you think of jobs, internship, volunteer, clubs in your deep heart? In my life, except studying in school, they are all my interested in and necessary for my leisure time which could broaden my horizon and colorful my life. During these process, I could communicate with others and learn various skills from them as well as better understand the society.

Yesterday, I had an cherish opportunity even the first time in a oversea country to be a volunteer: like the web said:”OHNY Weekend volunteer , which I talked about a little in  my before Blog in Congregation Ohab Zedek, it embraces its history as one of the oldest synagogues in New York, and as a hub of modern orthodox spiritual life. The soaring sanctuary features beautiful details, including an elaborate dome of stained glass high overhead.”


My district leader is Kate who is a 30 years old outgoing and nice woman, my partner is Marry who is a 62 years old serious aging woman. We work from 10 am to 2 pm and need to greet every visitor as well as introduce the information and details about the history of the building.


There are two floors in the buildings which are full of memory about history, there are total 178 people came here to visit today. It is indeed a quiet place which blanks the mind.


The most impressive visitor was a more than 70 years old woman who is still full of energy, she told me the reason why she came here just is “enjoy this kind of life” which really made me admire.

webwxgetmsgimg-2      For me, it was a meaningful activity: not only the first time I was an oversea volunteer but also I understood that faith is how important for one person no matter where are you from!




4 Comments Add yours

  1. gwang12 says:

    I am also a volunteer of OHNY. It was an impressive expeirence.

    1. ZQ19901120 says:

      Yes, it was a meaningful thing,haha

  2. fancy1201 says:

    Glad you have such a fun weekend! I wanna join, please pick me up next time! lolllllllllllll

    1. ZQ19901120 says:

      On problems! We could together next time,haha

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