Life is a reality to be experienced

Before I came to the United States, I would have heard of a famous city, Philadelphia. There are Philadelphia 76ers, liberty bell and independents hall. You know, those plots appear so many times on the TV Series and films. So, with my enthusiasm and expectation, I decided to go  Philadelphia.

It was a sunshine day with cloudless, and the weather was good for driving. I’d say it once again, the Google Map is really good and convenience to use, thanks for Google. It’s about two hours arriving the destination. By the way, the limited speed of highway  is 65mile/hour, but……Haha. if you are motorist, you would know what I mean. Just be careful with it.


Primary impression of Philadelphia is cleaner than New York, and there is not so many people. My first stop was Independent hall and Liberty bell.  The green grass, red path and blue sky are just like a picture, the sun is shining beautifully in through the trees. You can feel that it’s quite and peaceful. The white bell tower stands here and record of the past and present every minute and second.


Next, I went to the old street, and I met an hospitality old woman, Jessie , she knows everything about the old street because she has lived in here for over 70 years, and she told me many stories and histories of the old street.

This house is her home, a red brick house, with some beautiful flowers.

She invited me to taste the local famous cookies and cupcakes. I like sweets very much, so I am very willing to try them. The cake shop is not big, but the decoration is very beautiful. There are over twenty kinds of cakes to provide to choose, and Jessie strongly recommend me to taste a kind of bacon cookie. The bacon cookie, at first, I thought she was joking, but the flavor was really good . I must say Jessie is right.

Do you know what function is the black holder? Jessie told me that the invention came from Benjamin Franklin. Putting mirror on it, the people upstairs will know visitor who is coming downstairs.

Jessie told me that here was the original river that is in order to easy to fire fighting before it became a path.

Walking along the path, there is museum, but, in the past, it was a fire department. Some fire trucks are exhibited in the museum, the hand drawn hose cart was made in 1854.

Old street retain so much as ingenuity and willingness, the people living there love the history, the culture, they love everything around them.    Say goodbye to Jessie, I went to City Hall, and took wonder around the city.

A couple record happy moments in front of church.

It’s a day to remember, thanks for the beautiful city and thanks for Jessie, It’s a nice trip. And goodbye Philadelphia. I am sure, I will come to see you again.

Goodbye Philadelphia

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  1. catherineqiu0408 says:

    Yes, I agree with you. Life is a journey, and we could not stop exploring~~

    1. haha……yeath, living on the road. let’s go on the trip.

  2. Wennie says:

    u put the squirrel on lol, such a nice place, i would luv to go!

    1. that’s right! the squirrel just look at me last 5 minutes, and then the other one join us,lol

  3. qzhang16 says:

    Your title appeals to me at the first sight indeed. I strongly agree with you,life is a process and we are students forever as well as learn continuingly.:)

  4. thanks for you, liking my post,lol, yeath, that’s the truth of life, it’s time to let us on the road, finding beauty and good of the living……..

  5. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    I agree! One thing that I did notice about Philadelphia is that you don’t see dog sh*t on the street! Did you manage to find a cheesesteak on your trip?

  6. dlibrizzo says:

    It’s always a great time in Philly and is so close to NYC without traffic. Yes, I want to know too; did you have the famous Philly cheesesteak?

  7. Shushu says:

    I also have a plan to Philadelphia. It is really a good place to see. Travel could help us re ourselves.

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