Clown Killer

There were  a number of clown kill people after police find the first clown try to kidnaped kids beside the forest in south Carolina. Since then, clown killer appeared in lots of places in U.S.

I don’t like clowns, even before those bad news. There are not common to see a lot of clowns in China, so when i was young, i have no idea about it. I felt uncomfortable after i watched a horror film,Stephen Kingclown2‘s It.  The story is about a clown didn’t bring happiness to children, but he try to scare everyone in the town. Obviously, clown never only be a happy symbol deeply in people mind, at least my friend who have watched clown horror film don’t like it.

I heard a terrible news from BBC in Oct 10. There was a clown crop up in front of a  woman who have pregnancy for 8 month. Then, she was too scared and premature birth her son in a couple of hours. That clown is a 17 years old boy. London police said,”anti-social make people feel fear and anxiety, although people dress up as a clown do not break the low, we ask clowns to stay away form the old people and pregnant woman.”Of crouse, Everyone have their right to dress as a clown, but those people hurt others life is unforgivable.

Halloween is coming. I hope all of you enjoy exciting holiday, at the same time please be aware of those people who act abnormal in recent month.

(picture from: film”Stephen King’s It”



4 Comments Add yours

  1. dlibrizzo says:

    They are now putting Ronald McDonald character in hiding until the clowns craze goes away — very scary!

    1. mengyangmoomoo says:

      It sounds horrible!

  2. onesdaily says:

    I read this news, it was terrible.

    1. mengyangmoomoo says:

      Yes, it is. Now it’s better, no more clown

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