The insults against Chinese

After watching the fox reports of interview on the election of America towards Chinese in Chinatown, my thought is what that interviewer did was not just hateful but extremely “unnecessary”. I really don’t think he has to ask those people who can’t understand English or considering good for him, he was trying to make some jokes with solemn Chinese. However it turned out to be not cool at all because you have to be very careful making jokes to people of another race or from another world.

It’s like black people can use “nigger” to another black people but we can’t do that, and if we do we are racist. I remember once I was playing basketball with  a bunch of black people, and they’ve used “nigger” as much as “fuck”. They were discussing their strategy on the court and my friends and I were standing aside waiting for them. We also were talking about the players and I just happened to say a Chinese word sounds like “nigga”, which means “that one” and technically pronounced as “neighgger”. All by coincidence the black people heard my saying. All the talks were shut and the time was freezed all of a sudden. I noticed that and apologized as fast as I could, and then it went cool afterwards.

In another word, those insults happened within one group cannot be worse than over two different groups. But, as everyone can see, that interviewer was there to humiliate those old Chinese, subconsciously. Otherwise, who would pick the faces telling you “I can’t speak English” or “I don’t care about politics”? Like I said, it’s totally unnecessary because there’s nothing to be proud of to win any fight against someone can never fight back.

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  1. rrsn says:

    I didn’t see this interview but it seems terrible.
    I don’t know how public racism like this can be authorize in any media, that’s scary!
    But as you say with your example, people have to respect other cultures.
    In which channel was this interview? I hope that the journalist was punished in some ways.

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