Beautiful and elegant never independent of age

Happiness takes no account of time.

Failed to keep the lost youth.

But we are still able to interpret the elegant beauty of years.

Because a woman’s beauty and elegance never nothing to do with age!


The figure old woman named Ling Zhou ,

She has 87 years old,

Although her body had left the imprint of years,

But it does not stop her to become China’s largest and most beautiful of the age “red network”


Not only it is poetic writing, erhu, dance,

But also young people blog, photography, take the T station,

She was having all the fun.

An oldest old, but has a better than young style,

This is a true legend!

Although she is already 87 years old,

But she was hale,hearty, and voice.

Even maintain white skin, slim figure,

Her regimen is the wide range of interests,

“I just like to play, And I must also be able to play it well. ” She said.


Who says only that woman a good time just a few years time?

Even if no longer young,

Time will be able to polish your soul more and more moving.

Throughout, modern Granny Ling Zhou never gave up.

The pursuit of a better, love of life,

So in order to get years of quiet good practice, still elegant.


Beauty is all a woman’s life pursuit,

Choose beautiful, it is reflected in the love life.

The woman’s age, in fact, is often self-abandonment from the beginning,

Never give up the pursuit of a better take of age as an excuse,

As long as you always have the confidence and the attitude of the pursuit of beauty,

Any time it can be the best time.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. onesdaily says:

    I hope i would be a elegant old woman decades later. It’s a kind of mentality of life.

  2. qzhang16 says:

    You title appeals to me indeed, I agree with you that beauty is the life pursuit of the love. Be positive forever no matter what happen!

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