Have You Ever Done Some So-called”Stupid” Things?

Actually, as for the “stupid” thing, I just did one a few days ago. One of my class professor sent all of us an email to remind us of the homework after the class. Because of the personal questions, I replied him that night and then I went to sleep. When I woke up in another day, I got a message from my classmate, which wrote” You sent an email for the whole class about your personal problems.” Oh, My God!  I do not know how to describe my mood at that momen in words. Oh, what a stupid thing I ‘ve done!

When I was in high school, I went to have lunch with my friends on one day noon. I was attracted by an odd shape building so that I went bang into a telegraph pole.So stupid! Because when I found that there is a little lump on my forehead. At that time, my friends looked at each other and burst in to laugh. I felt very embrassed. Besides, falling out of stairs in the snow weather in public; saying “Hello” with a person who never notice you; misunderstanding the utterance meaning; bursting into laugh in class when you out of attention, making noise in a quiet environment or sending some special messages to a wrong person, all of these happend at a certain moment in my life. Those are not what I really mean to do, but I could not stop that happen. I could not control my mind in every minute so that the stupid things just happend without my attention.

Stupid people do stupid things

Everyone may have the same expierence with me in the daily life. We do not know how did the” stupid” things happen, but it just happend without control. We also do not know why we let it happen, but it just happend. Well, have you ever done such stupid things before?

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  1. Wennie says:

    This blog is so funny, I definitely ur “stupid friend”, I do stupid things all the time😂, like once I said I want a window shit when I did my check in before, I just realized after I had my ticket. This may due to our personalities, we are just kinda bit slow person.

    1. gwang12 says:

      Haha…Maybe the stupid things we’ve done made our life interesting.

  2. i’d say your blog is rally funny, Haha……., everyone will make stupid things, and stupid things can bring happiness to people. i think they make our life colourful, so it’s not bad, right?

    1. gwang12 says:

      Of course yes! We may feel embarrased at that moment, but it also a unforgettable experience.

  3. xumei says:

    Fortunately, I think I had to remind you. If I did not remind you, you are not embarrassed.

    1. gwang12 says:

      Thank you very much for your remind. Without your remind, I may make the same mistake next time.

  4. catherineqiu0408 says:

    RELAX~~~Our friends could get a happy life due to our stupid!!

  5. qzhang16 says:

    Every people will make mistakes and stupid thing ,which all these called true life,haha

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