Columbus Day,Where do you go? Join us

This day is a holiday called Columbus Day, which is the first day off since I came to New York, today we do not have classes. Last week, October 1st was National Day in China, Chinese people possess one week to take rest legally, this is my first time to enjoy foreign holiday atmosphere, I adjust myself to spend time with New York individuals

Afternoon, I walked with my intimate friends and hanged out around 5th Avenue, there were many people to go shopping and many visitors to take photos anywhere, these days the temperature drops quickly and today are still cold, but it does not enable people felt upset but people are so happy with sweet smile.


There are many police man on the both side of the road, I can not help to enjoying the atmosphere like an American, the most point I like in America is freedom and depended, which is extremely different from China, people could do the things they want and express their emotion directly. They often do teamwork and help with each other


Today is just a day off but I felt different culture and lifestyle deeply, which will be an impressive day in my life!






5 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    nice to see u also had a good long weekend, luckily today is a sunny day for hang out

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Yes it is ,it made people felt comfortable

  2. onesdaily says:

    I m there today,i m 5th Ave. as a viewer too! Haha,i also love the atmosphere, u can dance with the music,or just relax in the holiday fun.

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Oh ,really? It is a wonderful activity indeed 🙂

    2. qzhang16 says:

      Really? ,It was a interesting activity,haha

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