Are you a football fan?

How does the NFL keep up its popularity among fans? The camaraderie of the huge fan base that consists of men and women keep the ratings on top and the games eventful. Fans help to bring these teams together and give a reason to the players to show passion and their skills on the field. Football is an engaging sport that continues to make money off every seat, jerseyimg_3282, food stand or box suite. Now they have an entire collection called NFL “Homegating” where the NFL sells a customized set of kitchen utensils and supplies to bring the tailgate to your own home for the full experience.

I have a tradition with my uncles to go to opening day for the New York Jets every year. Tickets are way over-priced and purchasing all the food and beer for the tailgate is an extra expense. Then you have to worry about a parking pass, gas, and tolls to get to Jersey. With a party of 4, it costs us 1,000 dollars to go to the game. Like I said, this is a ONCE a year thing for a reason. And then on top of it all, when your team loses and performs poorly on the field it’s a huge upset to the overall day.      (Photo Credit: D. Librizzo)


Yes, I am a New York Jets fan. Don’t feel bad for me. If anyone watches football, they will know how much of a disappointment and roller coaster ride of emotions it can be each season for your team but it takes you away for a few hours from reality. At that moment you are only focused on the game and what the next play will be. I believe being a sports fan instills dedication, teamwork and teaches that failure is okay. You pick yourself back up and prepare for the next week and strive to do better as a team. (Photo Credit: D. Librizzo)


Is it football or another sport that you love to watch? Why are you a fan of that particular team, and what has it taught you as a person?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. xumei says:

    Good spectacular, I would like to go to the scene to watch the game.

  2. xumei says:

    Very good, I want to go to the scene to watch the game.

  3. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    I’m a Cowboys fan because we are the coolest team in the world, no I don’t like Tony Romo so please hold off on any comments about him because if he never takes another snap again LIFE GOES ON!!! Cool story and dope picture!!!

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