What a PPAP!

Photo is from internet

Today’s morning, when i unconsciously play a song using my phone, i almost let it cycles for a whole morning! What a tune just gets stuck in your head unconsciously! What’s more, when i search it on the social media that i find that lots of people comment and react the video including the stars from all over the world. Look at the cover picture of the MV, so funny can not wait to play it.

PPAP is an abbreviate of Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, i put the PPAP link online, you guys can feel the tune and rhythm by yourself, do not be cycle it for a whole day! I made myself PPAP like below.LOL.

Except this popular song, there are several pop songs prevalent all over the world. For example, “Gangnam style” by Psy is so popular so that almost people can not only sing the tune ,but also can dance with this song through all over the world. Pay performed as the finale show  on the 40th American Music Award.

And in China, there are several most popular songs, like “Little Apple” and “Zui Xuan Min Zu Feng”. You know, in China, the retired women like to dance in the square at night. And the two songs are the most popular used two songs whether in the cities or the rural area. Almost every single person can sing there song whether the children or elders. Bty, “Little Apple” was performed at the 42th American Music Award as well.

To analyze the reason why songs like these can be so popular even across national borders? I guess, firstly, the lyrics must be simple. Secondly, tone was simple. Thirdly, all of these songs convey a kind of happiness. Who wouldn’t want happiness?

Do you listen the song of PPAP? You can share with me. Bty, you can shoot a series of pictures like below, really funny. LOL!







11 Comments Add yours

  1. yeah, the song of PPAP is really popular, I have heart the song ,and the MV of PPAP is really funny, LOL……

    1. onesdaily says:

      Yes, it is real funny,hahahaha

  2. Wennie says:

    Hahahahahaha… I saw this, addicted song and the twin sisters are cute.

    1. onesdaily says:

      Haha,yes, i love all funny things.May be i can share with u guys later.

  3. gwang12 says:

    Interesting post. I will have a try on PPAP.

    1. onesdaily says:

      Yes,i ve already been brainwashed,haha,the singer has a new song,u can try to listen.

  4. onesdaily says:

    Yes,ive already been brainwashed,haha.The singer has a new song,u can try to lesson.

  5. fancy1201 says:

    Hahahah, my friend took the video of this song; however, he is the protagonist in this video. So funny!

    1. Yaru says:

      Lol, i just took pose and shot several photos like above show. The video muse be funny which can be looked again and again!

  6. breeze_lipigarn says:

    I have heard about this! Is it kind of the intelligent earworm strategy right? I love it!

    1. Yaru says:

      Yes, one kind of brainwashed song or comedy. you cannot stop listening!

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