One Thousand Dollars For A Jacket???

Whut’s Poppin Homie’s!!! This past week I celebrated my birthday and even though up until today I haven’t been out once, I wanted to purchase myself a great gift! Since it’s starting to get cold up here I decided to gift myself a moto jacket. I had 2 from Guess but for some reason their materials aren’t built to last so it’s time for me to sell them…Any takers??? Jacket 1 & Jacket 2  (Picture Cred. J. Williams)




I’ve been looking at a company by the name of godspeed New York (I always lower case the “g”) and immediately fell in love with their black reptile moto jacket. This coat is awesome to me and a real game changer! The 2015 NBA Finals Champion Steph Curry and Hip Hop Legend Nas are some of the celebrities that I have seen wearing these jackets. The only thing that had me reluctant to pull the trigger was the $1,088 price tag. That all changed when remembered that my bank USAA offered me a credit card with 0% APR until (WAIT FOR IT) February 2018!!! Does this mean that I will wait until the last minute to pay? HELL NO!!! Technically I can pay $73 and slowly pay the card off until the last month if I don’t want to aquire an interest rate of who knows! But I will make a monthly payment of $100 until I pay it off. (Picture Cred. J. Williams)




I’ve played this credit game for years and have been very good at it! 795 credit score good at it to be exact! I am very excited about my purchase, I fell in love as soon as I took it out of the extra protective bag, this jacket looks MEAN!!! I was so excited that I actually kept it on in my other video “Whut Would I Rock” accidentally! (Picture Cred. J. Williams)

I still think the red moto looks better, but the reason I was reluctant to purchase it will be explained in the video below. The quality is unbelievable, I can’t wait to go out in this! Do I think this jacket will keep me warm during the coldest months this winter? HELL NO! That’s what my Canada Goose is for!!! Let me know what you think about my purchase, again this was a birthday gift to myself. Also if you guys are looking to get a good credit card, check out “Best Credit Cards Of 2016” but be responsible!!! (Picture Cred. J. Williams)

See Ya When I See Ya…..OOooww!!!

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 1.04.15 PM.png


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    The jacket looks great!! finally u got it lol, you can wear it in ur whole life maybe , seems worth for thousand, coolb irthday gift.🤗✨

    1. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

      Thanks I’m ODEE happy about it! 🌊🌊🌊

  2. nice jacket!i like watching your channel on YouTube, you knew, it’s really interesting, the air Jordan 1 is classic.

    1. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

      Thanks! I like to add the comedy factor in my vids so even if a person isn’t really into sneakers they can have a good laugh! Yea the Air Jordan 1 is a great sneaker, I had got my first pair in 2014 and have been hooked ever since! 🌊🌊🌊

  3. xumei says:

    Very cool leather jacket. Expensive!

    1. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

      Thank you! I don’t have to pay for it all at once lol! 🌊🌊🌊

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