Leonardo DiCaprio’s Weibo ?

It is true !

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio opened an official Sina Weibo account yesterday.  and fans of Leonardo welcome him warmly to China’s social media with memes. DiCaprio made his first Weibo post yesterday, and fans flooded to his account to welcome him. LOL

DiCaprio’s first post is re -posted some 155,803 times , with roughly 183,858 comments and 686,862 likes, WOW.

Aside from heartwarming messages, a large number of pictorial memes of the actor were shared. China’s social  media is no strange to memes, or emotions, of the revenant actor. some are made from picture of DiCaprio’s attempt to hide his face from the paparazzi in odd and sometimes  bizarre contortions of his body, and others pay tribute to his handsome face. one of the most famous memes is a close-up shot of yet-another failed attempt to win an Oscar for best actor for his role in Wolf of Wall Street.

some fans seem to enjoy such kind of welcome gifts that China is giving the actor.

“hahaha ,how our Chinese fans welcome him is unique like no other”, wrote Weibo user Liangshuitangsiren.

others are cautioning internet users to calm down a little before scaring  the actor off.

“if you guys don’t  stop posting these things he may just run off !!!!!” wrote Weibo user Guoshuai.


An emotion of Leonardo DiCaprio with the  caption “come on, dancing with me.”(photo/Weibo)


An emotion of Leonardo DiCaprio with the  caption “someone  is calling me handsome.”(photo/Weibo)


An emotion of Leonardo DiCaprio with the  caption “I’m so happy!”(photo/Weibo)


An emotion of Leonardo DiCaprio with the  caption “if you don’t like my post, no way to leave  .”(photo/Weibo)

maybe, you are never hear a social-media, Weibo. maybe you just knew Weibo which is conjunction both tweeter and Facebook, from professor William  Scheckel’s graduate class. I’d say it is a useful  social-media of communication in China.   you can post , comment, and text easily.

You can also start some business and commercial activities. It is convenience to find one who you want. By Weibo, according to any tiny clues, although you know nothing about the person who you want to find, you can find the right guy. Its really interesting. If you want to understand Chinese culture , I think Weibo is a good way to begin.

Do you want a weibo account?

I can give a hand, LOL.








8 Comments Add yours

  1. onesdaily says:

    Really? i will follow him,haha.He is my idol too.

    1. yeath,i like watching his films so much,lol

  2. dlibrizzo says:

    I love Leo! He is a great actor. So exciting that he has made this account

    1. yeath, i agree with your point haha

  3. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    I don’t have a Weibo account but I hear it’s popular. Ex-NBA star Stephon Marbury lives in China and I hear he get’s treated like Michael Jordan over there, does he have a Weibo because I know he has really embraced the country of China!

    1. yup, Weibo is very popular in China, Everyone, especially stars, likes post something on Weibo, Stephon Marbury is one of my favorite player. yes he has Weibo, he is playing for ShouGang of BeiJing. do you want an account of Weibo, i can give your a hand.

  4. Shushu says:

    Maybe his figure is his greatest asset~~haha.

    1. yeath,haha……your are totally right.

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