Excited | Feeling the Charm of Basketball in MSG

It was a rainy night, I went to watch a live basketball game with my husband. Tell the truth, I’m not a sport fan at all, but my husband is a huge fan of NBA since he was very young. Madison Square Garden is really a sacred place for him, but I was just joined in the fun.


To my surprise, there were so many people waiting for entering into the arena though it was almost 1 hour earlier than the start time of the game. After a long time in the queue, we sat down and waited for cheerleading performance, but we saw a square dancing from China! What a big surprise!


When all the NBA players ran into the central area, I felt the great enthusiasm from all the fans around us, although I knew none of them…The pre-season game was played between New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets,  and it was not an intense game, but the fans still showed their warm blood of basketball.


Another thing impressed me a lot is American’s attention in sports cause. During the half time, there were cheerleading performance, interacting games and also a short basketball game by teenagers in the same game field, and the fans offered their warm applause to them persistently. To be honest, the enthusiasm from the players and fans deeply infected me, and I am looking forward to join the next live game now!


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  1. WOW, it’s nice post, I’m a big fun of basketball. which player do you like? I’m waiting for playoffs game LOL…….

    1. catherineqiu0408 says:

      I almost know none of them except some super super stars…and I feel hard to remember their faces~~haha

  2. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    This is cool! I haven’t see my Knicks play at the Garden in 3 years but now that they have a new team I think I might go this season!

    1. catherineqiu0408 says:

      It must be a cool journey for a basketball fan in MSG!!

  3. xumei says:

    Congratulations, you have successfully developed into a basketball enthusiast.

    1. catherineqiu0408 says:

      Not exactly~~~I just couldn’t reject someone’s enthusiasm.

  4. rrsn says:

    That’s funny, I went to see the Brooklyn Nets last week at the Barclay Center, I didn’t know anything about basketball, but as you said the atmosphere was so cool and the supporters were so into it, so it was really fun!

    1. catherineqiu0408 says:

      Yeah, it is doesn’t matter whether you are a fan or not, just put yourself into it!!

  5. Shushu says:

    So cool!! I also like watching basketball games,but I do not know more about the contest rules.The atmosphere attract me! Enjoy it~

    1. catherineqiu0408 says:

      There is no need to know exactly about the rules at all, haha, just enjoy the show!

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