Life on Long Island

After how beautiful it’s been the past two days, I was inspired to write about what its like to live on Long Island. Long Island consists of Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County. After Brooklyn and Queens it turns into Nassau, and further east it turns in Suffolk. Long Island consists of many different people from many different cultures. Nassau and Suffolk county are among the most demographically diverse regions in New York State! If you click here you can find charts with demographic information for Long Island.

One of my favorite things about Long Island is theres always beaches close by. I can drive 30 minutes to get to the ocean (Jones Beach) or I can hang out by one of many local beaches. Second, Long Island is close to New York City, it’s a quick drive or train ride away. By living on Long Island one can experience the city without having to live among all the hustle and bustle! We experience all four seasons here, one can enjoy beautiful scenery in Long Island any time of year. If we need a getaway trip, there are plenty of beautiful vacation spots and state parks located right on the Island. Long Island has tons of amazing farms, vineyards, wine tasting, and golf courses. Since we are surrounded by water, there’s always delicious and tasty sea food available.

I grew up in Sea Cliff, a beautiful town right on the sound. The train ride to get into NYC (specifically Penn Station using the Long Island Rail Road) is about 35 minutes one way. Surrounded by greenery, I am 10 minutes from many restaurants, bars, retail stores, sport facilities, you name it. The houses in sea cliff are beautiful and historic. According to Wikipedia, Sea Cliff homes have been called “one of the best collections of late Victorian era architecture in Nassau County.” Even long island is densely populated, my town is very quiet and private. If you click here you can find more information and photos of Sea Cliff.

I’ve included pictures I’ve taken of my town during different seasons. Beautiful days like this let me hold onto summer a little bit longer…



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    These photos are amazing, there must be very nice for living!I love quiet places rather than those big towns or cities, but for going to the manhattan, long island still a liitle bit far away

  2. rrsn says:

    Your pictures are AMAZING! Looks like postcards!
    I never been to Long Island, but thanks to your article I now really want to go there!

  3. qzhang16 says:

    SO beautiful! I look forward to go there

  4. onesdaily says:

    I must go to Long Island in this month because of your beautiful photos.Thank you.

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