The unforgettable friendship from all over the world in New York

I have been studying in New York around one month, these period I received too much touching memories which gets me away homesick. Although we are from different countries, we could express concern in the same way which we all understand

The doorman of my dormitory is an African man about 40 years old, he is extremely kind and friendly. Every morning I pass by the ground floor, he would say me “how are you?’’ with the nice smile which enable me are in good mood at the same time. on day evening I came back, he chatted with me for a long time, he gave me various advices which I should notice in daily life, I gained much details I do not know before


The foreign people of dining car near by our school are enthusiastic. One day noon, I hanged out and felt hungry, suddenly I smelled fragrance of the bread, a dining car parked on the pavement, I ordered the food I like and was told the price, during the waiting time, we chatted and when I gave the payment, he gave me half the price , I was surprised and asked why, he told me that he love Chinese, I thanked to him with the smile, he said bay to reply


A Greek girl of my major lesson is warmhearted and generous. The first class we took, she did me a lot of favor when I did not catch up with the lesson, she told me how to do patiently and invited me to join in the party she knew which I did not register in on time, sometimes after the class, she would share her foods with me and told me the stories about herself


The most impressive people I really appreciate is an India assistant. The first time I went to college library, I do not how to use print machine, how to borrow the books and how to order the tables, she told me patiently and answered my various questions truthly which enable me know the library as quick as possible. After that, he helped me buy the books I cannot find in the library


Above all, all these people like the gifts the god gives me in New York! I really appreciate that I could  them in a strange city and they gave me too much touching moment which I never forget !

Finally, I want to share a warmhearted song about friendship with you called Best Friends

Credit:Video source: Bryant Oden,

Credit:Title image source: Chinese ni tu image source



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    funny featured image…😂

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Ha ha thanks a lot

  2. kerrzbo says:

    I’m glad that everyone has been so helpful and kind to you 🙂

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Yes, I am really appreciate that,haha

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