The first time I am involved in the volunteer activity in New York

I enjoy spending my leisure time with the people who posess the similar personality, hobbies, worldview with me. I like making friends and learn new things from them, which could broaden my horizon and enrich my life

At the beginning of this semester, one of my friends told me that there will be an volunteer activity in New York called Open House New York weekend and recommend me to register and join in, she said anybody apply for could take part in. At that moment, I felt really exciting, I logged into the website and filled in the blank at once

One week later, I received the email from the OHNY Weekend ,I was told that they had a recordbreaking number of people register to volunteer this year-more than 1,400, with such an overwhelming response, it also means there is a possibility that not everyone who registered will get a volunteer assignment. After I read the email, I felt a little nervous ,because I really want to join in and do something for the OHNY weekend! But I need to waite for their selectment patiently

   Around one week later, I received the letter surprisingly and was told that they are excited to welcome me on board! The orientation day I went there on time ,to my surprise, there were far more ageing people than adults in line, it means lots of old people still enjoy devoting themselves to helping others which I really admire! Every one kept in peace and wear smile, especially the stuff were warmhearted and gengrous.



I enjoy this kind of lifestyle!

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