Creating Your Own Visual Board


“The purpose of a vision board is to inspire you, to cultivate your taste, and to give you a concrete goal to work toward every day” Rachel Roy

I always like to read books that inspire me to be a better version of myself, to move forward my goals, and to be more creative. Last summer I came across with an awesome book called “Design Your Life” by Rachael Roy. This book has been very inspirational on how to organize myself better towards what I want to achieve in life. One of the tools that is mentioned in the book is the “Vision Board”. This tool have helped me to have a better vision of what I want and who I want to be in life.


A Vision Board is a visual representation of your goals, inspirations, and motivations. It is a visual reminder of your aspirations and a way to attract what you wish for in life. When you are creating a visual board, you want to have a purpose behind it. Therefore, you need to be clear and passionate about what you want to achieve.

 A vision board can be composed by quotes, lists, pictures of places, pictures of pieces of garments you want to have, dreamed car, dreamed house, colors, textures, pictures of interiors, books, etc. Anything that represents your essence because a vision board is a vision of YOU! where-you-want-to-go

“The laws of attraction meet the laws of intention” Rachel Roy

In order to create your own visual board I suggest you follow 5 basic steps:

       1. Define what you want to achieve

What goals do you want to achieve in life? What makes you happy? What do you like? How do you want your life to look like within one, five, and ten years? What motivates you? Who inspires you? These are questions that will help you to have a vision and establish what you really want.

2. Determine what format you want to use

Visual Boards don’t have to be always in a physical way. You can create a digital visual boar, or you can have both (I personally have both depending on if I see something online or on magazines). The importance is that you have easy access to your visual board. Some of the formats that you can consider are:  Pinterest boards, posters, journals, inspirational boards, planner pages, screensaver, etc. Start cutting out, pining out, writing, and looking for inspirations. Have fun arranging it and laying it out! You can do it by themes or putting random images together, whatever identifies you the most.

 3. Display it

Find a place to display your visual board. Somewhere where you can see it or have access to it in a daily basis. Remember that a visual board is a reminder of who you are and your goals! Seeing it everyday will boost your motivation to work towards your goals.

4. Review it and set plans of action

Look at it in a regular basis. Think about what you are doing in order to achieve those goals. It does no matter if you goal is in a short or long period of time. The importance is that little by little you are doing something that moves you forward those goals. If you want it you can make it happen with no doubt!


5. Believe on you and believe on your dreams 

Be a believer of yourself! Visualizing your goals, building a plan to achieve them, and believing on yourself are the stronger tools you can have to feel more confident and be who you wan to be. Be patient and open to the changes along your way. Fill yourself with positive energy and motivation to move forward!


As I mentioned at the beginning, use your vision board to represent your goals, inspirations, and motivations. Always keep in mind who you are, your personal style, and taste. Have fun creating your vision boards and remember that your mind is a powerful tool that combine with an action plan can achieve anything you want in life.

There you have it. An important tool to organize yourself and have a visualization of what you want in life. I highly recommend you to read Rachel Roy’s book or any other book that motivates you to be a better version of yourself.

Have you created any vision boar? You can visit some of my vision boards on Pinterest HERE

Have a great rest of the week.

Chao Chao

Monica V. (Vive Brunette)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. onesdaily says:

    Thank you recommend the book and the Visual Board, I have a lot of resonance about your words. It is important for a person to know what to pursue and what to give up!

    1. moni0626 says:

      You are very welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope at some point you get the chance to read the book…it is very encouraging. As you said, it is very important to not give up on dreams!

  2. catherineqiu0408 says:

    It is really a helpful article and your words make me to think about how to build my own vision board~

    1. moni0626 says:

      Thank you! I’m very glad you found it useful. I hope you really build your own. Pinterest is a very useful tool to create as many boards as you want 🙂

  3. qzhang16 says:

    It is an inspiring essay! Thank you for your book a lot, you gave me a positive lifestyle

    1. moni0626 says:

      Hi. Than YOU! I’m glad my post inspired you. That was the intention, to inspire others to pursue to have a positive life and their dreams. have a good one 🙂

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