Welcome to the Fiji Paradise!


After came to New York City, I feel excited to see Fiji waters in almost every supermarket. Each time when I see those bottles always remind me my last wonderful trip. This week I’d love to show you guys my best memories in Fiji Island and share some lovely photos I took in there.

As most people know, Fiji Island is one of the best honeymoon islands for couples, and it’s well known as the “Pearl of the Pacific”. Perhaps you can list a lots better places than the Fiji paradise, I could say the real things Fiji really impressed me are living style and positive attitudes of Fiji people. Everything is peaceful and free, less customers in here, no matter how busy you are in your city, you could only find the friendlies smile, extremely comfortable and slowly lifestyle in this lovely island, just get yourself a real breathing and have a rest for a moment with your family, best lover or nice friends.


The first day we arrived in the Nandi airport around 5:30am, I saw the beautiful and earliest sunrise in the world, and the party just began! Later, from entered the airport to our hotel, we were welcomed by a group of Fiji people, and they were dancing in the airport at 6 am and keep saying “Bula”(hello in Fiji) to us!They showed us their great passion and friendly manner in my very first impression.

The sky was getting brighter, we saw an extremely blue mixed green picture outside of the window, everything seems pure and free! We just couldn’t stay in the room and rushed to the seaside to taking photos. We spent whole day to go around the small town and had a delicious Fiji cuisine in a lovely restaurant.

When the night comes, there is a free special show for customers in the hotel, we enjoyed the Fiji dancing and juggles with local people.

In the next few days, we decided to went sailing and snorkeling in other mini islands with corals and fishes. Swimming in the crystal clear sea water is amazing, Fiji absolutely is the most ideal for diving!

Besides go sailing, you would spend most of times in your hotel area. We chose three for our trips, and the best one I’d love to recommend to you is Intercontinental Hotel. The hotel has a fantastic garden area include classic Fiji spa service, a wonderful infinite pool just in the center of the big garden area but also next to the beach.

I’ll definitely back to Fiji again with my boyfriend lol. In there, you can find the friendliest people, the unique three colors Beach, a fantasy sea world underneath the water, coconut palms and breadfruit trees in everywhere, it has different lovely mini islands, and the most beautiful sunrise & purple sunset. Just take your a cup of coffee and lay on the beach, I’m sure you will have an unforgettable experience to enjoy the place and extremely make yourself relaxed in this wonderful paradise!



Thanks for reading.


17 Comments Add yours

  1. Shushu says:

    So beautiful…I think it is really a good place to travel after reading your blog!Expect your will sharing more travel information and pictures!

    1. Wennie says:

      lol, I’m sure I will, I’ve been many places, love to share with you :).

  2. gwang12 says:

    What a beautiful place! I hope that I can travel there one day.

    1. Wennie says:

      yes, find a chance, go with your lover lol, you definitely will love there!

  3. rrsn says:

    Your pictures are really good, it seems like postcards landscapes!

    1. Wennie says:

      Actually, I always thinking I’m good at portrait photography but bad at landscape one, thx a lot you love my landscape shooting. 😀

  4. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    The Island looks beautiful and your pictures are dope! I would love to visit because I could drink as much liquor as I want and hydrate myself with the fiji water….WIN WIN!!!!

    1. Wennie says:

      you always make me laugh Jason lol, thanks for reading, this is absolutely a awesome place for you to enjoy your alcohols, lmao…

  5. onesdaily says:

    Your pictures are so good! It can be a official propaganda will appeal many readers to go to that paradise

    1. Wennie says:

      Hahahaha, I took all these photos by iphone actually, thx for loving dear, c u tomorrow. XD

  6. Steven says:

    Wow. This is just great. Did you have fun in this beautiful island? I wish I went there, but who knows, we are still young, right? Haha.

    1. Wennie says:

      So much fun! you could go with ur lover someday, its been called one of the best ten honeymoon places in the world!lol

      1. Steven says:

        I wish I have a lover… Cheers! lol

      2. Wennie says:

        I wish I have one 2… Cheers!Lmao

  7. qzhang16 says:

    A really beautiful place! It appeals to me so much, I like sea, I like sky blue, it is pure indeed,

    1. Wennie says:

      Thank you so much dear, find a holiday and go for it!

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