Reaction to “Train to Busan”

In my spare time, watching a movie that is interesting, impressive or insightful is a special experience for me. A great movie can provide me with visual impact, emotional resonance and self-reflection. However, how can we define a movie that is worth of watching? There is no denying that Holleywood movies are proficient in special effects, fluent editing and attractive narratives, which are appropriate for people to go to a cinema to appreciate them. But when you decided to look at a movie alone in your room, those may not the good choice.

Train to Busan” is a Korean movie that is recommanded on the Interenet recently. Many comments said that you will never regret to watch it. Almosy everyone who watched it has a great evaluation about this movie, which inspired my interest. Actually, I was touched and shocked by the narritives more than half times. When the plot went forward, much more people were bitten by the zombies and thus became zombies to bite someone else, which forced heroes to escape from the disaster. I can’t stop crying when I noticed that the characters will die.In this film, humanilty in disaster is performed sepretely. Some people devote themselves to rescue partners, while others decline to help people in trouble because of the selfishness.We have to admit that this is true in real life and we cannot make sure that we will become a coverage person in a difficult situation.

I do not want to share the whole story with you, because I strongly recommand you to watch it  in a spare time. Everyone may have different understanding of the same film. I hope that we could talk about the movie if you have some feeling on it.

This is an interesting video that I found in Youtube.

The Featured Image is created by Alex Brown


5 Comments Add yours

  1. rrsn says:

    Can we see the movie in cinemas or only on the internet? Thank you!!

    1. gwang12 says:

      I see the movie on the Internet. And I am not sure whether the cinema has or not.

  2. gwang12 says:

    I see the movie on the Internet. And I am not sure whether the cinema has or not.

  3. Wennie says:

    The hero is my best favorite korean male actor, I love him so muchhhh for many years, real happy to see he had a big success from this movie. It’s sad I’m afraid to see Train to Busan T_ T, coz I hate zombies….

  4. qzhang16 says:

    Thank you for sharing the movie with us, I think it appeals to me, I will watch it at my leisure time.

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