Ang Lee – A real game changer?

Bill Desowitz claimed the current most cinemas’ equipment are not qualified enough for the coming Ang Lee’s movie in his article ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ from Ang Lee Is a Game Changer. He described Ang Lee as an audacious game changer, and the reason why he chose this specific format because of its flexibility, which has never been concerned by me.

I used to consider this movie won’t succeed, or in another word, profit much from the audience since the cinema which can reach the requirement to play this special movie perfectly doesn’t even exist in the world. Ang Lee could be half game changer because there must be cinemas willing to upgrade the screens for this movie. But as a non-commercial film, its estimated return can’t be as much as Star Wars and something like that.

So the flexibility of the format is even vital here because the original film’s quality can be lowered to fit the maximum visual effects for different screens. According to Bill’s article, there are more than 10,000 screens worldwide that are currently equipped with 4K laser projection that can show 120 2D (three-dimensionality without glasses) or 60 3D, which means this new movie will make the most of these screens. A real game changer? Probably not completely, but I do believe Ang Lee will have the technology of film moved a little pace forward.

In the end, I still want to challenge the movie as I always do. I am not a supporter for the fancy techniques used on movies. I don’t even know the meaning of the wide use of 3D because most in time it doesn’t help the storytelling in movies. The 4k movies will be clearer certainly and the remarkable increase on fps (frames per second) will make the actions in movies way much smoother, which means you probably won’t note any ghosts when a car flashing on the screen just as you are looking at the car with your eyes in real life. However, I have no clue how that would improve the movies because that is only a change upon the viewing experience, and don’t forget one thing, that traditional 24 fps movies missed a lot of details in actions, which reduced a lot of pressure on audience’s eyes. Once the 4k 120 fps movies get produced widely, how will the movies release the heavy pressure on eyes, not to lose the focus from the audience?

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