Alaskan king crab

There are many kinds of king crab in the world. Alaskan is one of the most important place abounds with king crab. Because Alaskan king crabs have the biggest size in all crabs, and their meat taste very nice.

Alaska king crabs are divided into three main types:

The Red King crab is also called Paralithodes camtschaticus, which is the largest and common crab in Alaskan. It account for 75% of the total amount of crab fishing. Red king crab is native to Bering Sea.It mainly distributes over the sea area around Alaska Peninsula and Dayton Bay.

Young red crabs have to stay in shallow water. It is easy to find food,and the temperature is high. Then they move to deeper area, spend most of life on abysmal sea after growing up. The best temperature is around 2-5 centigrade degree  for their habitat.

The Blue King Crab is a rarest breed of Alaskan king crab. The habitats of blue king crab are spread over St Matthew Island,the pribilof Islands and Diomede Islands.

Many people do not know what is the different between blue king crab and red king crab. They have very similar appearance. Sometimes, restaurant sold the blue king crab as same price as the red one, because they are take blue crab to red crab.

The Golden King Crab have smaller body comparison of the blue and red king crab. The average weight is about 5kg to 7kg. Fisherman usually find Golden king crab in Aleutian islands and South of Alaska sea area.

Golden shell is a mark of golden king crab. They generally live in 550 meter deep seabed.


%e7%be%8e%e9%a3%9f1King crab is very popular in the market. Their legs full of meat and it is delicate and fresh. I can hardly wait to try tree kind of king crab. How about you?

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  1. onesdaily says:

    My favorite is crab,Haha.

  2. mengyangmoomoo says:

    Me too. I miss YangCheng lake hairy crab.

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