Space Battleship Yamato


Space Battleship Yamato

Do you like science fiction movie?

I’d say that I am a big fan of this kind of film. If you are such a guy like me. I guess that you surly have seen《The Load of the Rings》《Harry Potter》《AVATER》etc., it is true, there are so many science fiction films from different countries, but which is  worth watching? That’s a problems. Today, I watch a film that is “Space Battleship Yamato”, It is produced by a Japanese director,you may guess it from the name of this film by the name,and It’s totally such a science fiction movie. The film have been remake three times. It is a good one, but it’s not a best one. If you are a cinenik, you may agree with me.

It is interesting that every county is almost willing to save the earth in the movie. It is a good way to arouse sympathy, and people really want peace and stability. And the most important point is that the people can feel and look for hope from the movie when you are launching into a description of the movie. Some plots and fragments would shock and touch a string to you. That is why you would cry or laugh when watching a film. Although some plots doesn’t make sense, it can give you hope and deliver brave. If you ask me what is my hope, I will tell you I really hope world peace and thank for the peace bring everything to me.

Now, What is your hope? I am very willing to listen to your answer and share in here.



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  1. onesdaily says:

    I favorite movie’s style is fiction! I will to watch this film right now, thx for ur recommend.

    1. yeah, LOL……. the fiction film is really cool, maybe this film would give your a visual experience.

  2. gwang12 says:

    Harry Potter is my favorite movie until now. Everything in the movie is magic and inspires my interest. Thank you for your post. The movie sounds like very good and be worth of watching.

  3. yeah, it is, i’m a movie bug LOL, i am sure the film can bring your the ultimate visual experience.

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