Are you interested in mummy?

Last weak i went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, i saw lots of famous antiques,i really respect the founder of Museum that collective such many treasures from all over the world,so that people can learn the different culture and era.And the most attract me is that Egypt’s antique – the mummy.


I started  interesting in mummy from that famous series movie “The Mummy” in 1999. Then i started to search files,books and films to learn more information about it. I am really attracted by this convention in Egypt and the stories and history behind it.It is unbelievable to face to the guy who lived in hundreds even thousands years ago. They are sealed in the coffin and hidden inside the pyramid. The coffin was drew the portrait of the dead monarch in the surface. The process are complex we can see from the pictures.

There are lots of questions to draw me.First, how can the people to keep the body does not rot thousands of years.Second,the ancient Egyptian believe that the soul not die.Third,there is a Utopia’s fable that the purpose of mummy is to recall the gods back.Some scientists assert the all of this are just imagine.But i still would like to believe something would happen. What about you,are you fascinated by the Egypt’s legend?



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  1. Wennie says:

    Yes, the Egypt exhibition area is absolutely so cool!I love the Italian area as well, both of them are gorgeous and amazing~🤗

  2. onesdaily says:

    I have not go to the Italian area due to the closing time, it deserves to go many times!

  3. wow,it’s really cool post, the Egypt is full of mystery.

    1. Yaru says:

      Egypt is my dream travel destination, i want to see the pyramid and mummy,to feel the thousand years history.

  4. gwang12 says:

    Very interesting post. It is my dream to go to Egypt to visit Pyramid and mummy.

    1. Yaru says:

      Yes, me too, there are so many legends to attract me.

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