Porquerolles – an idyllic French island

img_4620Winter is arriving in New-York City, and so is my summer nostalgia… This is why I decided to wrote about my paradise place.
Porquerolles is a very small island in the South of France, in front of the French Riviera.
By small island I mean approximatively 300 residents, to give you an idea.
Anyway, I have the amazing chance to go there every summer, since my childhood. The island offers beautiful landscape, beach where the sand is white and the sea in transparent, but also creeks, and forests. Nature is extremely preserved, so the beauty of the island is remained intact, as well of the local aspect of the village. For example, cars are totally forbidden in Porquerolles.
People move with bikes.
Moreover, during the Summer, there is a really cool nightlife in the island, very friendly, thanks to really nice places, restaurants and bars as L’escale, that you can follow on Facebook here.
As there is not much habitations, most people come to spend the journey and make the round trip by boat, with the shuttle system that connect the island to the mainland.
To me, this place is precious, not only because I have tones of amazing memories there, but also because this is one of the rare preserved touristic place in France, where nature is still beautiful and not destroyed by buildings and commerces, as it is now the case mostly every beach spots in the South of France and in the French Riviera.
If one of you guys plan to go to France one day, of course after visiting Paris, I will definitely advise you to go to Porquerolles and enjoy this paradise island.


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  1. catherineqiu0408 says:

    It is really sad that summer is pass away now…Your words and picture made me think of my tour to Maldives and Phuket island from winter China! Maybe Porquerolles will be my next destination.

    1. rrsn says:

      I know, I heard so many times of the Maldives, it seems wonderful I really want to visit it!

  2. Wennie says:

    I really love small islands rather than those big cities, just wanna buy a small house in any beautiful, quiet island when I’m old to spend my rest of life.

    1. rrsn says:

      I totally agree! Small and quiet island makes me feel like real holidays!

  3. sn6325 says:

    That seems to be a beautiful place. How often do you go there? Is it close to La Cote d’Azur? I wish I have more spare time to visit France!

    1. rrsn says:

      I go there every summer, I’ll be you guide if you accept to be mine in Casablanca! 🙂

      1. Steven says:


  4. qzhang16 says:

    It is a beautiful Island! I really enjoying visiting some places related to water.It is peaceful

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