Mario Batali – let’s cook!

Does anyone love to eat as much as I do? Celebrity chef and co-host of The Chew, Mario Batali has made a huge impact on the culinary world. He has 11 cookbooks, over 30 restaurants around the world, his own cookware and food product line, as well as his very own Mario Batali crocs. His influence of food and culture has manifested into a delicious and memorable experience. He is one of the most recognized and respected chefs in the business right now.mario-3

Not only does he cook but he gives back with his Mario Batali Foundation. They help feed, encourage education and empowerment in children. In 2005 he was named the ‘Best Chef in America’ by the James Beard foundation and his “Molto Italiano” cookbook won Best International Cookbook of the Year.

When Mario comes to Good Morning America, he always brings life to our set and excitement to our audience. His crocs are a staple attire to his appearance and his cooking ismario-2always on point. Recently he came on the show to give our anchor, George Stephanopoulos a cooking lesson. They made beef barciole and grilled vegetables, an Italian specialty!

big-american-cookbookCheck out our segment with Mario this Tuesday on GMA for his new cookbook “Mario Batali Big American Cookbook”. In the book he has recipes from all regions of the country. He will be cooking up a Texas Chili, a delicious perogie and a special NY favorite dessert you won’t want to miss!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    I’ll follow the book, love cooking so much!!~ I often watch Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver’s videos.

  2. xmei01 says:

    Look at the good food. I want to try to make look to see if the same delicious.

  3. kerrzbo says:

    I posted this week about food too! Haha 🙂 I definitely am a big food lover as well. I love how he gives back to children, what a great foundation. His relationship with crocs is pretty funny too. I definitely want to check out the segment!

  4. onesdaily says:

    wow! It looks soooo delicious!I am a carnivore.LOL

  5. fancy1201 says:

    It looks so delicious. I would also like to have the opportunity to try to do it, but how the taste, is the unknown!

  6. wow, nice, every ingredient looks so good, i guess the flavor is soooooo good, LOL….

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