Fashion capital – New York

        new-york-city-skyline        As we all know, New York is a fashion city. When I first came to here, I feel the sky is very azure blue and green planting let me feel the air is very fresh. However, increasing population of New York let the city looks very congested. On the other hand, Education in America is the best in the world. The first place I visited is Five Avenue. This is a block collect all the fashion things in the world, and Building with some classical breath. However I thought that New York’s subway has his history story. Broadway, Lincoln Center, Metropolitan museum of arts, these are the places you will never get bored. I thought New York is charming which is a city that will never get old. There is no city like New York. Second time, I was visiting the Times Square which is an important part of New York City for many reasons. It is a haven for tourism and with all of the lights and dazzle, it ranks as a must- see part of any New York City vacation trip. I was feeling very happiness come to here.


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  1. Wennie says:

    可以的 中文来写 给老师一个惊喜😂🤗

    1. fancy1201 says:


      1. Wennie says:

        哈哈哈哈 我想可以的 老师只管写了没有 最好加个图 换个标签

      2. fancy1201 says:


      3. Wennie says:

        图片就在添加图片那边啊 wiki先做excel再复制到wiki上

      4. fancy1201 says:

        恩恩啊,Thanks, 今天才算开始懂一点了!

  2. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    NY IS THE BEST CITY IN THE US! I think that tourists should visit more than just Manhattan when they come up here as long as they stay safe! I tell my friends & family when they come up here they will Times Square but I’m taking them to Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx of course!

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