Yummy China!

What can help you to  realize a  country ?People? Economic? News?

The answer is documentary, because it is real and direct.

What can help you to realize culture of a country? People? Economic? News?

The better answer is food! Because it is also real and direct.

Which is the first food in your momery when talk about Chinese food?


Roast duck? Dumpling?

No, not completely!


In China, according to geographic locations, there are 8 main dish system which are Sichuan cuisine, shandong cuisine, cantonese cuisine, fujian cuisine, huaiyang cuisine, zhejiang cuisine,hunan cuisine and anhui cuisine.We can describe them with one color and one word.

Sichuan cuisine:Red& Hot. Because you can see chilies in every food.

Shandong cuisine:Deep orange&Salty. People love soy.

Cantonese cuisine:Cream&Light.

Fujian cuisine:Milky&Sweet&Salty.People love seafood.

Huaiyang cuisine:Cream&Sweet.

Zhejiang cuisine:Brown&Sweet&Salty.

Hunan cuisine:Garnet&Sweet &Hot

Anhui cuisine:Red&Fresh

Overall,there are many kinds of snacks which are famous and popular across the country. Chinese could taste all kind of food in their city.In addition, if you like to know more about China and Chinese,there is a famous documentary-.It could tell a real story about the county.


PS: the featured image was created by sanfamedia.com.


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