Social Engineering and Hacker


Hackers destroy our computer documents or entire hardware with hacker tools. Originally,Hackers were called  Real Programmer. They took delight in developed hacker tools and system program,and post them to the web since Eckert&Mauchly built ENIAC. Even they were pioneers in h%e6%97%a0%e6%a0%87%e9%a2%98ack times, hacker has blossomed into cyber criminal as we know, at least a part of them. Personal information are no longer safe on internet.But it is nothing worry about our bank account or personal property after quit the internet?
We are not just going to keep away from the internet threat,criminals took Social Engineering as the most important part of invasion. Generally, great social engineers have sensational communication skills.Only through talk with social engineers, Most of us could not
decide whether they  are good people or not. They are always friendly, respectful, easy to like. They take our human nature turn it against us. The weakest point of human is our nature,we’re not learned to be suspicious of each other. Parents taught us to be amiable and accommodating.They take our human nature turn it against us.

The threat of invasion not seem real until it come to us. To avoid damage, we all have to become educated, and ready prepared protective of our personal information.


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  1. sn6325 says:

    Hackers is a very important issue right now, not only for citizens but also for its government and big firms. Lately, Yahoo was hacked and many people who have an email account in this firm is at their risks. In my opinion, hacking is going to be more dangerous by the time goes by.

    1. mengyangmoomoo says:

      Of courser, hackers are most dangerous groups now,and future. There is a serious problem that is all US power systems were controlled by internet. I mean if hackers attack the power station, how long will we survival in a dark city without supply. It is horrific when engineers may take a week or more time to reboot the power systems. But i’m just want to remind, hackers are not only steal information on internet. Social engineers are just like real world hackers, lots of people did not aware of them. I think they are as dangerous as hackers.

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