What Can We Obtain From “GhostGun”?

I went to an exhibition that displays many interesting and mysterious artworks, which help me understand the American culture in general. As for my first blog, I would like to share one of the meaningful artworks that impressed me deeply.

An great artwork named “Ghost Gun” is created by Ethan Minsker. He was working on 530637213  creating 372 guns made of paper that suspend with thin ropes in one room, which is always rotating around people. These guns point in all directions reflecting the randomness of being targeted and killed. When I was standing in the house, it is so weird and scared because I would never know whether the gun would point at me in the next moment.

“GhostGun” is not just the theme of the exhibition, it is also part of an art project memorializing the victims of mass shooting in America. The whole scene that I’ve seen is full of the color of white, which is simple but meaningful. This project can be a momentary thought and reflection on those lives lost, which remind American citizens of protecting the home. Wherever we from, it is improtant for us to make life colorful and valuable. I hope you would like the artwork as well.


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